Toy Story Photography Story with Guillom Chevalier

A Toy Story Photography Story

An Interview with Guillom Chevalier

We’re here with Guillom Chevalier, who’s been working on a special Toy Story photography project. He’s agreed to come on with us for an interview and share this project with our readers.

Thank you Guillom, thank you so much for your time to come on and chat with us. First thing would you mind telling us about yourself and your photography?

I’m Guillaume Chevalier, 31, 2 children and I live near Nantes in France. I love photography of course but also all that attractive to the environment. The outdoors gives me the greater good! I started photography when I was a teenager, I started with a small compact digital camera 3 Megapixels. Taking insects in my garden I would go into the forest, rather interested by the many macro details that I found. Shooting always in fully automatic mode. A long time had elapsed following that without me touching a camera. But the passion for photography was truly still there. 4 or 5 years after buying my first SLR, I soon started learning the basics of photography, the basic rules of composition and I tried my hand at several areas of the photo. Everything went very quickly and, a desire to know more and more and touch everything built inside me.”

What type of photography do you most enjoy and why?

I love Still life Photography of course but I also like to touch every area of photography!!! All techniques. Still life is my favorite because I try to tell a real story with only one shot. Every element of composition has to be placed very carefully and that’s what I love. I can also play with light as I want… The difficulty is that camera settings have to be a lot more accurate at a toy scale than a human scale! Any insignificant move could make the shot missed.”

Now we couldn’t help but be intrigued by your special ‘little’ project. Could you tell us what that is and a bit about it?

“Yes the project is about photographing Woody from Toy Story movies in real life I use a plastic figure about 3 inches tall which can easily be moved in different positions. I try to make him live lots of adventures in modern scenes.”

We love Toy Story! But we need to ask -. Why Toy Story? And why Woody?

The idea of ​​Woody quickly established itself because he’s an important figure of my childhood. I really loved the animation movie, it was the first I saw and it changed my vision on movies. I looked for him for a really long time and finally found the figure that is currently the essence of my series.”

How did you get this idea to start photographing Woody in all these situations and places?

The series is built naturally. Touching a little of all areas in photography, I once took a toy that I had placed in a situation in a more “natural” environment, this picture has been successful with my family, and that’s when I told myself that I had to find a figure who really spoke to me. It is a project where I try to give real life to a toy. I put him in a lot of different situations and try to make him live both inside and outside adventures”

Could you share with us your favourite few photographs from the series? And also about the story behind them, how you came up with the idea and how you set it up?

  1. – Run Woody Run –

“A day of cooking at home last year, we made a lot of gingerbreads. When I saw all these gingerbreads on their plate, I immediately thougt to Woody. I was sure he could interact with them. I wanted a soft composition, no décor or something else, just Woody and gingerbreads! The set up was pretty simple: just a glass plate and ambiant indoor light. So fun to see how Woody could look like real in this composition!

  1. – Escalators not so easy –

For this one, I had the idea along time ago, when going shopping. I just had to find the good escalators until the day where I found the good one near my work. I used a ND1000 filter to capture the movement. A sunny day was perfect and I had all my gear with me. I made a lot of tries to have the correct position for Woody and no people in the shot! People had to find me crazy lying down on the escalator many times! 😀

  1. – Friends for Life –

This one was taking during a sunday walk near my home. I had just had Bullseye and wanted to make a shot with Woody. It was sunny and it was raining the day before. Conditions were perfect, I wanted to compose a walk scene, that’s what I did.”

We can probably look forward to more of this series from you in the future, correct? Are there any other photography projects that you’ve been enjoying lately?

Oh yes for sure! Woody & Co series won’t stop soon! I have still so many ideas! Keep an eye on my page, it’s updated regularly.

 In fact, this woody project is the first one I really built and I have to say that I don’t imagine the end, that’s pretty cool. I just started to think to another series for the future, stay tuned!”

Thank you for joining us for an interview.

Guillom Chevalier is passionate about his photography as much as he is about Toy Story and Woody. We hope you enjoyed reading this interview about his fascinating project. You can see more of Guillom’s project on his Facebook page.

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