Street Photography with Marvin Buhian

Street Photography with Marvin Buhian

An Interview with the Malaysia based Street Photographer

At talk photography we love getting inspiration from young talented photographers the world over, today is no different as we take a look at the work of Marvin Buhian. Starting with our very first interview with Scott on July 29th. We did 11 beautiful interviews for your inspiration, you can see the list of those here. We continued on with a nice one with Karak Apok on his street photography in France and Antonio Borzillo on his inspiring portraits. If you’ve been following us already you may realize that although we’ve done these articles on various genres of photography, we have focused more so on Street photography!

I love street photography! I like doing portraits, landscape, you name it I probably like it! But my favourite type of photography is street photography! I have focused on it since it’s closer to me, and it will largely be focused on for our upcoming contests! We are loving the work from Marvin Buhian shooting Malaysian street! We brought him in to share some of his stories, projects to inspire us more in our own work on the streets. Without further ado, let’s see what he has to say!

(Marvin’s first language is not English, however as it’s still easily understandable we’ve not adjusted it in order to keep Marvin’s words as his own.)

Great to have you with us Marvin! To start off would you be able to tell us about yourself and the photography that you’re doing?

“My name is Marvin Buhian Mamerto from Sabah Malaysia, In the weekend I like walking around in the city, meet people and friends, at the same time I bring my compact camera with me and capture every moments on the street, I call it “Life on the street”.

“I start my street photography in 2015 , before that I’m free for all , I’m taking all kind of photography genre , example Portrait , landscape etc. After I got realised my style and feel more to street. So slowly starting find some friend in the street. (Abang abang street) brothers in street.”

You’re into street photography, could you tell us what Street photography means to you, and why you’re drawn to this form of photography?

“When I was 13 – 18 years old, I’m a street boy that love to hangout with friend about one day or two day never go back home, sleep everywhere that can feel comfortable and I like to drawing like something interesting in my mind, I like to imagine how I want to draw something, so I view some photography Magazine, and found one beautiful photo, so I’m asking to myself how they taking this beautiful photo, So I take time make a research about photography, firstly I start with smartphone camera, I take all kind of photo and start to think how about I buy a camera, like DSLR.

So I collect my money every single month and buy my first camera Canon 60D. I join alot of activities photography event Until I found street photography and I sell my canon 60D I buy compact camera Sony rx100iii. Very small, easy to caring everywhere I go. So why I’m in street photography, just because I want to get back my feel of “street boy” walking around in the city meeting some people and new friends, that’s how I found my passion in street photography.”

What do you generally look for when shooting on the streets? Are there certain things that you look for in your subjects or in the background of your shots?

“Generally I’m looking a very interesting subject, at the same time I’m still look at my background if can get connection with my subjects.”

You mentioned that you were working on an interesting project! Could you tell us what that is and a bit about it?

“It’s just a simple project for me to challenge myself in street photography, the first project I name it “Under my umbrella” , “The exposure” , and my main title “Life on the street” it’s all about how people leaving in the street”

Could you also share with us a few examples from the project and the stories behind them?

“The first is “Under my umbrella” it’s all about people with umbrella and I shoot from low angle that can take their face with umbrella as the background. It’s very hard to capture because we need to get closer to subject and if got many light at the back we need to use flash to get the background and the face in the same time.

The second is “The exposure” many photographer very scared with exposure and they don’t like it. So I try make a different learning how to make pictures with over exposure but it’s look nice to see.

And the lastly “Life on the street” this is my main project everyday every week I use this title for my everyday project. “Life on the street” it’s mean myself walking in the street with some friends, eat, drink, hangout all in street. That’s how we feel the street 🙂 “.

Are there some photographers that you’ve been inspired by? Who are they, and what specifically inspires you about those artists?

“For me I got alot of inspired photographers in this world International, local , every each photographer is my inspiration, (Abang abang street) it’s mean brother’s / friends in the street. I thanks for them because give some good tips for street photography how to see and feel the street. Thank you”

Our last question for you is what are some of your favourite photographs that you’ve taken? Could you tell us about them, the story behind them, and how you captured the shots, etc?

1.) “Untitled” somewhere in bukit bintang Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

“I shoot this photo with film, (Olympus XA-2 , Xtra 400), I love the background I love the combination colours, So I wait for the beautiful subject to pass by and then I found this 4 friend with same clothes.”

2.)”the smile” somewhere in Petaling street, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

“This photo was taken with my (Sony rx100iii), I was in the position, it’s a very beautiful day and a nice weather, I saw old woman with her nice hat and nice clothes, so I wait her to crossover the light and then I put my eyes in the viewfinder, when she try to look at me I quickly press the shutter. I didn’t know that she will smile on me. Thanks to this old woman for make my day.”

3.) “The follower” somewhere in the street Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

“This photo was taken using Sony rx100iii. I see them crossing in my back and then I realised this is very awesome moment. I run crossover the road, and waiting for them. So got this beautiful moment.”

4.)”Mystery Hand” somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“This photo was taken with (Sony rx100iii) I was walking around and I found beautiful light and I see a young girl and her mom trying reach that young girl to call her back maybe her mom forget to give something. But I love mystery photo.”

Thank you for coming on with us. 

About Marvin Buhian:

Marvin Buhian PortraitMarvin is from Malaysia, and as he said he started his interest in street photography back in 2015, not that long ago. He’s doing some wonderful work. We hope that he work inspires and encourages you to work on your photography with your whole heart, and you too will be able to make great photographs! Be sure to sign up to our site for more inspiration!

More of Marvin Buhian’s work can be see on his Facebook Page, his Instagram account, and he has a few videos of slideshows of some of his street photography on his YouTube channel. Show him some love in the comments below as well!

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