Portrait photography with Antonio Borzillo

Portrait Photography with Antonio Borzillo

An interview with the Italy based photographer

Today we’re here with Italy based portrait photographer Antonio Borzillo. Portrait photography is beautiful expressions of a photographer. After learning the ropes, the in’s and out’s of their camera, appropriate lighting, techniques and so on they are able to capture the beauty of a person in a way the captivates it’s viewers. It often takes a while to be skilled enough to capture those perfect images, like the ones you would see in fashion magazines. But with some real effort and practice with your camera of choice you can start making some stunning imagery.

The photographer’s creativity is also challenged in realizing his ideas for the portrait photography that he engages in. We came across the young Italian photographer, and after watching some of his work for a while we got in contact with him in order to bring him on for a short interview about his beautiful portraits.  Let’s see what he has to say, and see some of his gorgeous work.

Thank you Antonio for agreeing to come on and speak with us today. First off could you tell us a bit about yourself and how  you got started in doing portrait photography?

“I started to taking photographs almost two years ago to give vent to my obsession with the portraits. Before that I drew. After the first shot I felt like magic. Since that day I haven’t spent over a day without taking a picture.

I love portraiture for its power to create an extraordinary connection between souls. Every gaze has an extraordinary power and says much more than what the people often want to let on. All this fascinates me in a very insane way.“

What’s involved in prepping your portrait shoots? What planning is involved and how do you go about getting ready?

“Maybe we would not say, but I don’t program my shootings in a schematically way. What is really important to me is creating a very special feeling with the person portrayed. For the rest often I leave much to improvisation, as regards the location and all the rest.“

What do you look for for you background and setting for the shoots?

“I have a special relationship with nature. When I was a child I lived in a country house. I remember that I spent all my childhood playing in the fields. Today I live with nostalgia all these memories. Hence the constant search for contact between man and nature in my photography.

I love natural light, in particular that of the late afternoon. So soft.“

Could you share a bit about your process and work flow after finishing the shoot? What work is involved in the post processing?

“About post production, my work here is mostly in color correction in Photoshop CC through the Hue / Saturation tool, particularly on the color grading of the green.

I don’t like invasive interventions, especially those on the skin, which I like very natural.“

Could you share with us the story of one or two of your favourite sessions that you’ve done? The setting, subject, how everything went, etc.

“A late afternoon with my friend Clarissa we reached a hill where there are located many windmills. That day I think I’ve seen one of the most beautiful sunsets in my entire life. I remember there was a strong wind. The atmosphere became so magical. I decided to shoot her figure in backlight with a 35mm while the wind showed its strength against his hair. I called the series “Never let go ‘til you’re gone”. “

What advice would you give those who are starting out in portrait photography?

“I would recommend everyone to listen first of all to his soul before taking a photo. In a portrait the main character is only apparently the subject portrayed. I think that because inside my every picture what I really see is myself, my emotions.“

We appreciate your willingness to join us today and share with us your fabulous work! We hope to see more of your photographs in the future.

Antonio Borzillo PortraitMore of Antonio’s work came be seen through his Facebook page, Instagram and 500px account.

One thing that interests us about Antonio’s work is that he’s not very old. Doesn’t have decades of experience like some photographers, yet with his creativity he is able to make stunning portraits. If there is something that I’d expect newer photographers to take away from this brief interview is that it is possible to take beautiful portraits, or other photographs. The key is practice. Antonio picked up a camera, two years ago! He’s able to take gorgeous shots, why? Well he told us he hasn’t not taken a photograph a day since first starting.

With a little effort, inspiration, and some direction YOU can do the same. Our hope through this site is to give you that needed ‘direction’, you can learn from many others here with us. We also know you will be inspired from the interviews on our site! Subscribe to our blog and keep being inspired here. Now the effort though, has to come from you!!! Contact us with to share your photography and projects any time. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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