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Talk Photography Video Projects

Welcome to Talk Photography Video Projects, we’re exciting to start rolling out our projects collaborating with photographers nearby, and eventually with photographers all around the world. We hope that these video series will give you insights and help in different genres of photography, but more than that to INSPIRE you in your own photography, giving you new ideas and creative ways to come up with and shoot something that will be incredible. So without further ado, dive in. These are our latest video projects/series. You may also tune in on YouTube.

Golden Woman Concept Video Series

Talk Photography Video Projects with izzy Schreiber The Golden Woman Concept

The Golden Woman Concept video series:
Fashion/Conceptual/Beauty Photography
Photographer: Izzy Schreiber
Model: Atien Onyango
Makeup Artist: Kelli Devine

The series is broken down into 4 parts:
1.) Interview with the photographer about himself, his work in Fashion photography, and his introduction the the concept we were shooting and the goals of the day.
2.) The work and magic of the MUA transforming the model into a full body gold glitter statue, and an interview with her.
3.) Containing the actual photo shooting, posing what model on various backgrounds. As well as an interview with our model.
4.) Some quick edits by the photographer, his remarks after the photoshoot, tips and insights into the lighting setup, his thoughts on the final results, and his favourite images.