Golden Woman Concept Video Series Pt. 1

Talk Photography Magazine Golden Woman Concept Video Series with Izzy Schreiber

Golden Woman Concept Video Series Pt.1

Welcome to the brand new Talk Photography Video Section, we’re here the Golden Woman Concept Video Series, the first of many video series that we will conduct with photographers near us, and eventually all over the world.

We’d like to start off the by telling a little about the shoot. We met up with Izzy Schreiber, a fashion photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. The concept had to do with painting the model completely in gold glitter and showing the value of a person. To get this under way let’s get to know our photographer a little bit more. He will tell us about himself, how he got into photography and into fashion photography and his views on the world of fashion.

Izzy’s a great guy as you can see and we look forward to seeing work that he does in the future in the world of fashion photography. Next up he tells us about the concept that we’re shooting, what the goals of the day are and what story he’s trying to portray with this concept. Let’s tune in.

As soon as you’re ready to see the project unfold, jump to the second part. We’ll check out the Makeup artist, Kelli Devine, we’ll sit down with her and discuss her work and aspirations and see the behind the scenes of getting our model, Atien Onyango ready for the photoshoot.

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