Golden Woman Concept Video Series Pt. 4 (Final Pt)

Golden Woman Concept Video Series Pt.4 (Final Pt.)

By this time, you’ve seen the 1st part introducing the photography and concept, the 2nd part the behind the scenes of the makeup and glitter and the 3rd part actually shooting the model with the finals images. Today we take a look at some of the final images of the photoshoot with Izzy, get his final remarks on the concept, the day of shooting, and some ideas about the day, including the lighting setup and more.

To start off with we thought we’d share a time-lapse video of Izzy working on editing, it goes by fast, but if you keep up it will give some interesting insights into the editing process.

In the next video Izzy discusses the general review of the results of the photoshoot.
For the next we asked Izzy what his 2 favourite photographs were and so he proceeds to explain the 2 and gives us some details as to why they are so powerful to him.
We broke this off into it’s own section of the video. This is one that many of you will really enjoy as Izzy discussed the lighting setup and the reasons why he set it up a very simple way.
The final words from Izzy, concluding the interview and our video series.
That sums up the entirety of our video series for the Golden Woman Concept with Izzy Schreiber.
We hope you look forward to the next video series, which will be coming very soon, and our video series will now be easily found on our Video Series Section, which is conveniently found on the main menu.

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