Golden Woman Concept Video Series Pt. 3

Golden Woman Concept Video Series Pt.3

Alright, so I hope you enjoyed the series so far. In part 1 we got to know our photographer, Izzy, a little better and got introduced to the concept and the goals behind the concept. In the 2nd part, we met Kelli Devine, the talented makeup artist and watched as our model Atien transformed into a full body golden statue. For the 3rd part we now jump into the action and poses and get to see some of the final resulting images. Let’s jump in.

The first video, we see Izzy working with Atien on the black background. Mostly standing poses. You’ll enjoy the poses as our model brings out the gold statue feeling that was aimed for in the concept. Resulting images from those poses at the end.

 Our second video we get to see the poses and shot from sitting a crouching poses on the black backdrop. Resulting in some more stunning images.

For the final poses and photography video, we move the model over to the white background for a slight different feel. Izzy also experiments with some different color gels to add a new feel. We then get some laying down poses as well.

That’s it for our poses and photographing for the day. But before the big cleanup, we sat down to chat with our model for a few minutes about her passion of modelling and her feeling on the glitter shoot.

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