Color Gel Concept with Izzy Schreiber

Model Jane Santiago with contrast Color Gel Photoshoot by Easy Izzy Photography

Color Gel Concept with Izzy Schreiber

Today we have something special for you, we’re here with Izzy Schreiber whom presents us with his color gel concept with Jane Santiago. You may remember Izzy, we’ve interviewed him in the past about his conceptual fashion photography in Seoul, South Korea.

Jane Santiago Korea Top Model Finalist with Color Gel photoshoot with Izzy Schreiber

Heading into the world of fashion there are numerous intriguing concepts to see. Beautiful coloured light hitting the model from various angles creates something truly awesome looking. Tell us about your colour series concept. When did you first consider the concept?

“This is one of those concepts I’ve seen done many times. It’s used in cinematography quite often along with advertising and various fashion concepts. Sometimes its more obvious and other times its very subtle. I was interested in color gels for quite some time, maybe a year or so. I really wanted to do a series that used dramatic saturated colors that would be in your face and really take over the models skin.”

Model Jane Santiago with contrast Color Gel Photoshoot by Easy Izzy Photography Easy Izzy Photography Seoul Fashion Photographer Color photoshoot with Jane Santiago Izzy Schreiber Color Gel Concept Fashion Photoshoot

How was the work with colors executed, and the final results achieved? Tell us a bit about the setup and equipment needed for the project and how the shoot went.

“Basically it consisted of using a few strobes with taped color gels around the dishes to shoot color onto the model. I set up this concept pretty much on the spot. I used a blue backlight to fill color into the background, and shot green and red onto Jane’s face and body at different strengths to bring out certain colors more. I used a gridded soft box to direct the light only onto certain parts of her body that way everything stayed very controlled.”

Jane Santiago Modelling for Easy Izzy Photography, Fashion Photographer in Seoul, South Korea

What were your final impressions on the results? Was there anything you would have tried differently in the future shooting a similar concept?

“I really like the results of the photos, especially the one where Jane Is lying on the floor. I really enjoyed shooting color gels and the second part of the series was definitely easier to do. I changed a few things during the second part. I bought bigger color gels to cover all the dishes completely. I found any spot where white light can get through would mess up the color in the shot. I also found that positioning the light so it shines down on the subject brings in harder colored shadows. I found I really like that look so I used it a lot. In the second series I also matched the colors to the outfit being worn. This brought in a much more dramatic look by adding blue where there was red and vise versa.”

Jane rocks sunglasses for Colour gel concept fashion photoshoot with Fashion Photographer Izzy Schreiber Jane Santiago Korea's Top Model finalist photoshoot with Izzy

You can check out a short video that we made during this concept photoshoot. Enjoy!

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