Challenges and Contests

Talk Photography Current Challenges and Contests


Run Time: November 5th-November 30th

How to Enter:

1.) Follow us on Instagram @talkphotographymag
2.) Upload an image you’d like us to feature and tag #featuremetalkphotographymag
3.) Include the story and details to your photography.
4.) Make sure you keep an eye out for our response. (We may request images we want to feature to be emailed to us.)

Details: After we review the submissions we will select photographs to feature both on our website and in an issue of our magazine.

*Keep in mind that stories with the photographs will hold a lot of weight as well when we decide which photographs to feature.*

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‘Life in Bangladesh’ Challenge

Run Time: November 5th- November 20th

How to Enter:

Follow the details on the information page.