Black and White Photography with Daniel Anhut

Black and White Photography with Daniel Anhut

An interview

We’re here with Daniel Anhut who presents his beautiful black and white photography. We would like to introduce him and his work to you through the following interview.

Thank you Daniel for agreeing to come on with us. We’d like to get to know you and your work a little bit. Could you tell us about yourself and how you got started in Photography?

“My passion for photography was awakened in my youth by a present from my father – my first camera. I always had it with me whether while travelling or on family festivities. For a long time I mostly took snapshots to picture the circumstances. Only in recent years I increasingly appreciated the photography as a creative medium and something to tell stories with. No matter if the story is created by me or was written by life. It is always a pleasure to capture something beautiful before it disappears.

When i am not behind a camera, I am working full-time as a social worker or spend time with my wonderful family. In the last years it has become harder and harder to spare time for photography so I am working hard to transform this hobby into a second source of income. Part time photographer and part time social worker sounds really good to me. Maybe I will be able to pull it off one day.“

We’d love for you to tell us, what is your favourite type of photography and why?

“I have no favorite genre but a favorite approach to photograpghy. Preferably I like to work with less equipment. Instead I use the available conditions to create a harmonious atmosphere. Especially the play between light and shadow is important to me. It is my goal to create pictures which evoke emotions and thoughts. It is not about big effects. I love the small and quiet details which prompt you to look at a picture more than once and still get an emotional reaction. Because of this I am working mostly in black and white to bring forth the clarity and the quietness in the pictures. Due to this reduction it is possible to get the focus on emotions, light and details.“

Could you share with us some of your favourite projects that you’ve done and a bit about the story behind the project?

“In terms of effort and time my biggest project by far was and still is the “LiS – Not this time” project. This is a cosplay project based on the video game “Life is Strange”. Since January this year I invested more than 100h to get the project started, acquired locations and cosplayers, planned and did the shootings and finally edited the images. Thanks to my amazing team of cosplayers the planning and shooting was supported by great teamwork. Especially the great teamspirit made it a great experience. At the moment we are still rolling out new images every day on our Facebook Fanpage.

For the last two years my main focus was on “Lost Places”. The atmosphere in those abandoned places is impressing. I love the calm in those once lively places and the traces of transience. Taking pictures at those places is a pleasure to me as I can work with the aspects about photography I love the most: Lights, shadows and telling stories. This part of my work is by far the most popular.

Since about a year now I engage myself also in portrait photography. I am sure that this will be my main work in the next years. The combination of both genres also allows me to create a whole new atmosphere at abandoned places. I still prefer working in black and white as i can focus more on the personality and emotions of the depicted person.“

What are a few of you favourite photographs, and could you again tell us about the story behind them?

“Picture 1: This picture was a kind of redemption for having to wait for nearly 30min for my train as it was heavily delayed. I really like playing with silhouettes in general and I think it works pretty well with the large window behind the crowd. The cranes in the background are a great symbolism for Berlin as the city is in a permanent transformation.”

“Picture 2: This image is my favorite from a series I shot with a very good friend of mine. She never did modeling and when I came up with this idea the first time she rejected it instantly. A bit later she gave it a chance and we started to plan the shootings. We both are perfectionists! So we spent quite some time for scouting possible places, discussing ideas and trying different textiles to get the perfect behaviour in the water (not transparent, floating nicely, …). She sewed two dresses after that. On the shooting day the weather turned sadly into a cold and cloudy day so it was a hard time for her in the water. But we wanted to get this done as we both have not much time to spare. She did an amazing job.”

“Picture 3: This is one of my favorite shots from my popular series “The Sound of Silence”. It was taken while visiting an abandoned sanatorium. The reasons why I love those images deeply where already stated above.”

“Picture 4: This was my first try to do a shooting at an abandoned sanatorium. I had the idea to picture the story of a lonely woman left behind in this decaying place. The goal was to create a very quiet, melancholic and eerie mood in the pictures. A friend of mine agreed to do this so we sneaked into this building with a lot of requisites. She never modeled before so we both had almost no experience but a lot of ideas. The shooting was really exciting and we had a great time. I love the series so much as it reminds me to follow my visions, be always open to try something new and that creativity is much more important than experience.”

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Daniel Anhut is a passionate photographer trying to reach our emotions through his beautiful black and white photography. As you can see he does lovely work in different photographic genres. You can see more of Daniel’s work on his website or on his Facebook Page. Be sure to show Daniel some love by also leaving some feedback down in the comments below. Daniel as well as us will appreciate it.

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